It’s been a long time coming. An endless stream of boring podcasts (hosted and produced by people who really shouldn’t be doing podcasts) jolted us into action. This is the first vetted network of podcasts by professional radio producers and real-world industry experts. They’re fun. They’re fresh. And they’re anything but boring.

The WORLD DOMINATION NETWORK podcast and radio broadcast shows are as follows. Most shows will be 45-60 minutes and all are distributed weekly to iTunes, iHeartRadio, YouTube, Facebook, Google Play, Player.FM, Stitcher, and a dozen or more global podcast networks.

RTO-square-1024x500The Original Radio TakeOver with Karen Wooden and Chuck Fresh
This is a weekly fun and light-hearted coffee break program hosted by award-winning radio hosts Karen Wooden and Chuck Fresh. After introducing the wine of the day, Karen and Chuck talk about strange news happenings and interview a variety of interesting people from actors to songwriters to business people to sex therapists. Prior guests include House of Cards actor Jeremy Holm, Sal Valentinetti from America’s Got Talent, and comedian Preacher Lawson. RTO will run sponsored podcasts for their weekly radio broadcasts. Karen’s unexpected quizzes along with Chuck’s off-the-wall questions always seem to get a laugh.

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Truth In Travel with Chris Morse
Veteran travel agent Chris Morse has almost 30 years in the travel industry. He’s seen some changes that have rocked the industry; especially online travel websites like Expedia and Orbitz. Although it may seem cheap and easy to book your travel online, there are several dark secrets that only a professional travel agent would know. Like when “ocean view” really means “you can sort of see a sliver of the ocean, once you look past our forty air conditioners on the roof.” Chris dispels myths, shares insider secrets, and hosts special CEO guests from hotels and cruise ship companies.

Unlocking Sex with Dr. Marianne Brandon
Casanovas, penis size, and premature ejaculation. We cover it all LIVE ON THE RADIO! Join WDN and Dr. Marianne Brandon for groundbreaking sexual relationship advice for singles and couples. Dr. Marianne Brandon is a clinical psychologist and a real-life sex therapist. She works with individuals and couples in sex therapy, sexual desire disorders, marital/relationship problems, hypersexual behavior, monogamy and fidelity, affair recovery, depression, cultivating passion in long-term relationships, stress, anxiety, alternative sexual relationships, pain during intercourse, and erectile concerns

Tech Tips with The PC-GYN
Best-selling author and award-winning computer repair guru Chuck Fresh talks about current technology trends and updates including upcoming smartphones, changes in the computer industry, the Internet of Things, and best practices in current technology. Host of the PC-GYN YouTube series, Fresh brings his light-hearted humor and incredibly informative tech tips and tricks to his own technology-based podcast. Potential sponsors include local technology vendors, cyber security specialist, cell phone service vendors, software companies, and hardware manufacturers.

Local Music Scene
Local bands are spotlighted in a 50-minute interview and an optional in-studio acoustic “unplugged” performance. This gives local unsigned entertainers an in-depth interview and a chance to tell their stories about their bands, their songs, and their people. This podcast covers most of Central Florida from the beaches to the Orlando area. This show will appeal to band fan bases and local bars and music vendors.


Comics and Cosplay
A huge untapped local market with several hundred people and a ton of disposable income, comic book fans and costume fanatics (“Cosplayers”) are always looking for organizations that accept and support them. Comics and Cosplay, hosted one of the most respected underground comic book authors in Central Florida, will highlight upcoming comics, cosplay events, and news about their growing industry. Potential sponsors include comic book vendors, costume shops, and event planners.


Wines, Spirits, and Foodies with Tim Cooks and “Felicia”
The history of spirits, new products, wine tastings, and current cooking trends are covered in this nouveaux approach to gastronomy. Tim Cooks, a very colorful retired chef, helms this ship through strange waters as Felicia keeps him in check uncovering new cooking trends and local chefs. Karen handles the wine and spirits interviews featuring Kevin Nye, The Wine Guy, along with several other spirit vendors.

Life Tips with Miso N. Grey
Have you ever wondered how you can tell which gas you should use in your automobile? Why the CEO as chairman of the board is a bad idea? How to fight a speeding ticket? How to get into the college of your dreams? How much should you check the coat check girl? Where did the term “Ms.” come from? Why do we still practice Daylight Savings Time? All these questions and more are answered by author and parenting expert Miso Grey.